In January 1976 I joined the Australian Performing Group (APG), hoping to help somehow in the struggle against the forces that had seen Gough Whitlam’s Labor Party government sacked by the Governor-General in November 1975. Before joining the APG I had seen and enjoyed a number of its productions, the first being “Betty Can Jump” (Mar, 1972).

I worked with the APG as a full-time employee (financial management) and active member of the Collective for over 2 years, until April 1978, when I left exhausted and frustrated. I then became production accountant on the motion picture feature, “Dimboola”, produced by Pram Factory Pictures and featuring many APG performers. My relationship with most of the APG members came to an end in about October 1978, though I provided a few with tax agent services for some time afterwards.

Working with the APG had a considerable impact on my life and gave me many unforgettable and (mostly) fond memories.  Now it’s time for me to discard the physical mementos and clippings.  But before doing so I’m putting copies of them on this site, along with a few words of explanation where necessary. 

Peter J Keenan, July 2013.

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