“Dimboola”, the movie, Cinema Papers, 1978

Dimboola in Cinema Papers

L to R: Natalie Bate, Bruce Spence and Kerry Dwyer


The wedding party in the movie “Dimboola”. From Cinema Papers, Oct-Nov 1978. Photo probably taken by Stills Photographer, Ponch Hawkes.

This news article in Cinema Papers was written by Jack Clancy, and is from his observations on the scene during the making of the movie.

Headings in the article: The Shooting, Panavision, The Town, The Script, Actors, Rushes.

Named persons in photos: John Weily (producer), Paul Ammitzboll (grip), John Duigan (director), Tom Cowan (director of photography), Jan Kenny (focus puller), Walter Dobrowoski (first assistant), Larry Eastwood (art director), Lloyd Carrick (sound recordist), and actors Dick May, Barry Barkla, Irene Hewitt and Alan Rowe.

The cover photo and all photos in the article were probably taken by the Stills Photographer, Ponch Hawkes.

The following production details of the movie are published in the Production Survey section of the magazine:

Production Survey - part 1
Production Survey - page 2

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