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Australian Performing Group Actors Agency brochure 1975

This is the second brochure prepared by the Actors Agency run by the APG . It was prepared in 1975 and contains photographs and short biographies of the following actors, with a page allocated to each:

Joe Bolza, Eileen Chapmen, Jane Clifton, Roz deWinter, Claire Dobbin, Bill Garner, Neil Giles, Max Gillies, Sue Ingelton, Evelyn Krape, Wilfred Last, Yvonne Marini, Robert Meldrum, Fay Mokotow, Greig Pickhaver, Carol Porter, Susy Potter, Michael Price, Tim Robertson, Tony Taylor and Bob Thorneycroft.

Joe BolzaEileen ChapmanJane CliftonRoz deWinterClaire DobbinBill GarnerNeil GilesMax GilliesSue IngeltonEvelyn KrapeWilfred LastYvonne MariniRobert MeldrumFay MokotowGreig PickhaverCarol PorterSusy PotterMichael PriceTim RobertsonTony TaylorBob Thorneycroft Red line small


Australian Performing Group Actors Agency brochure 1974

Photographs of Bill Garner, Bob Thorneycroft, Joe Bolza, Carol Porter, Claire Dobbin, Evelyn Krape, Fay Mokotow, Jane Clifton, Jan Freidl, Jon Hawkes, Max Gillies, Roz DeWinter, Steve Spears, Tim Robertson and Yvonne Marini.

Photographs and text sourced from the 1974 APG Actors Agency brochure.

From the front cover of the brochure.

Bill Garner
Bob Thorneycroft and Joe Bolza
Carol Porter
Claire Dobbin
Evelyn Krape
Fay Mokotow
Jane Clifton
Jan Freidl
Jon Hawkes

Max Gillies
Roz DeWinter
Steve Spears
Tim Robertson
Yvonne Marini

Text from the APG’s Actors Agency brochure of 1974:

1974 blurb 1
1974 blurb 2
1974 blurb 3
1974 blurb 4
1974 blurb 5
1974 blurb 6