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“Dimboola” the movie – review in Cinema Papers – 1979

Source: Cinema Papers, Issue 21, May-June 1979

Bruce and Tim

Review - section 1

Review - section 2

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“Dimboola”, the movie, Cinema Papers, 1978

Dimboola in Cinema Papers

L to R: Natalie Bate, Bruce Spence and Kerry Dwyer


The wedding party in the movie “Dimboola”. From Cinema Papers, Oct-Nov 1978. Photo probably taken by Stills Photographer, Ponch Hawkes.

This news article in Cinema Papers was written by Jack Clancy, and is from his observations on the scene during the making of the movie.

Headings in the article: The Shooting, Panavision, The Town, The Script, Actors, Rushes.

Named persons in photos: John Weily (producer), Paul Ammitzboll (grip), John Duigan (director), Tom Cowan (director of photography), Jan Kenny (focus puller), Walter Dobrowoski (first assistant), Larry Eastwood (art director), Lloyd Carrick (sound recordist), and actors Dick May, Barry Barkla, Irene Hewitt and Alan Rowe.

The cover photo and all photos in the article were probably taken by the Stills Photographer, Ponch Hawkes.

The following production details of the movie are published in the Production Survey section of the magazine:
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Dressed up and recording the Hills Family Radio Show: exclusive photos

“The Hills Family Show” was arguably the most popular and critically acclaimed theatre production by the Australian Performing Group. (More memorabilia from this production will be posted on this site later.)

The fact that the APG recorded a version of the Hills Family Show for radio seems to have been overlooked in written accounts of the APG.

The in-costume recording took place at the Pram Factory Theatre in Carlton on Saturday, 3 July 1976. (Max Gillies’ injured arm is real!) I believe the recording was aired on community radio station 3CR, Melbourne. Over the next few weeks I will be posting here my 20 exclusive photos of the event. (I’m almost certain that I was the only person at the event with a camera.) Peter J Keenan 25/6/2014.

Number of photos posted to 8/9/2014 = 15

Photo 1 – Max Gillies, Sue Ingleton, Tony Taylor, Fay Mokotow, Robert Meldrum, Evelyn Krape and Bill Garner, July 1976

All dressed for recording

Photo 2 (below) – Evelyn Krape and Fay Mokotow, July 1976

Hills Krape Mokotow

Photo 3 (below) – Jon Hawkes, juggling on radio, July 1976

Jon Hawkes juggling

Photo 4 (below) – Susy Potter, making sounds with her feet, July 1976

Susy Potter

Photo 5 (below) – Jack Weiner and Sue Ingleton tickle the ivories, July 1976


 Weiner and Singleton


Photo 6 (below) – Sue Ingleton, July 1976

Sue Ingleton by herself

Photo 7 (below) – Fay Mokotow and Robert Meldrum, July 1976

Fay and Robert dancing

Photo 8 (below) – Tony Taylor and Max Gillies, July 1976. (In background: Lloyd Carrick, sound recordist, Sue Ingleton, Robert Meldrum and Bill Garner.)

Tony and Max

Photo 9 (below) – Fay Mokotow and Max Gillies, July 1976.
Fay and Max

Photo 10 (below) – Evelyn Krape, July 1976

Evelyn Krape at mike

Photo 11 (below) – Robert Meldrum, Sue Ingleton, Evelyn Krape, Tony Taylor, Max Gillies and Bill Garner, July 1976

Several at mikes

Photo 12 (below) – Tony Taylor, Jack Weiner, Bill Garner and Max Gillies, July 1976

Four Hills

Photo 13 (below) – Max Gillies, July 1976

Max Gillies

Photo 14 (below) – Bill Garner, July 1976

Bill Garner

Photo 15 (Below) – Fay Mokotow and Robert Meldrum, July 1976

Fay and Robert

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