Third post re The Dimboola Banner’s stories and pictures about the making of “Dimboola” the movie

The following images and articles are from The Dimboola Banner, TUESDAY, June 13, 1978

Most of the filming of “Dimboola” took place in and around the small Victoria township of Dimboola. For those few weeks the people of Dimboola took a great deal of interest in the filming, with some even taking part as extras in the movie. The local paper, The Dimboola Banner, published several articles about the event which were accompanied by photos taken by the film’s stills photographer, Ponch Hawkes.

This is the THIRD of four post on this subject.

Front page …. Lions Club Caberat


The Matchbox Band to perform ….

Film band article

Caberat note

Rain on the weekend ….


Extra funny ….


 Introducing the film director, John Duigan ….

John Duigan

Publicity photo of Matchbox Band ….

Matchbox publicity

Advertisment for concert by the Matchbox Band ….


Jack Hibberd with Lorna Barry ….

Jack Hibberd

Introducing the film’s producer, John Weiley ….

John Weiley

Actor Peter Yip with local couple ….

Red line small



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