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KEENAN FAMILY  in Australia


Last updated 8 March 2024

 See also the 1949 newspaper article from the Tumut and Adelong Times.
 All of these people are mentioned in the 1949 newspaper article from the Tumut and Adelong Times.
 Most of these people are mentioned in the 1949 newspaper article from the Tumut and Adelong Times.
  • Third Generation Australians

For information follow the links at the Second Generation level.
  • Fourth Generation Australians

There is a separate webpage containing this information.  See also the pages devoted to Edward Keenan's book and his transcripts of old letters.

"Everybody "(below)

This list is not exhaustive. There are MANY MORE NAMES TO BE ADDED. 

In October 2008 there were approximately 560 Keenan names on the Australian electoral role for New South Wales.  Most of these are not descendants of Henry and Nancy/Ann Keenan.  And, of course, there would be many descendants who don't have a Keenan surname, and many who live in other States of Australia, particularly Victoria.


Henry John Keenan (1842 - 1889) - County Derry, Ireland Mary Houston (nee Keenan) (b. 1876)

Jean Houston

Nancy Jane Keenan (nee Gamble) (1844 - 1926) - County Derry, Ireland (Also known as Ann Jane Keenan). Remarried 1892 and then known as Ann Hopson or Granny Hopson. Henry John Keenan (1878 to 1889)
James Keenan (b.1864) Henry John (Gary) Keenan (1896 to 1960)
Florence Lillico Keenan (nee Skein) (b.    ) Grace Catherall (nee Keenan) (b. 1871)
Wilfred Walter Keenan (b.1910) John Keenan (b.1873)
Venda Cavell Keenan (nee Nolan) (b. 1916 ) Emma Keenan (nee Morton) 
Kevin Fredrick Keenan (b. 1904 ) Basil Keenan (b.1928)
Grace Keenan (b. 1906) Stella Keenan
Hector James Keenan (b. 1908) Guy Keenan
Edna Amy Schlegel (nee Keenan) (b. 1911?) Gary Keenan
Muriel Mary Langford (nee Keenan) (b.1915 ) Harry Schlegal  (NZ)
Douglas Schlegal
Neville Keenan Kay Schlegal
Bede Neil Keenan (d. 1996) Linley Schlegal
Mark Schlegal
Ken Langford
Michele Langford
Barbara June Crosby (nee Keenan) (b. 1945) Stuart James Keenan (b.1898)
Rowland Lance Crosby (b. 1944) Laurel Jean Crocker
Peter James Keenan (b.1947) Barry Hugh Crocker (b.1935)
Margaret Therese Keenan (nee Andrews) (b.1952) Carl David Crotty (b. 1970)
Geoffrey Bruce Keenan (b. 1949) Clarence Donald Keenan (b. 1900)
Rosemary Keenan (nee O'Brien) (b. 1952) William Stanley Keenan (b. 1904)
James Stewart Keenan (b. 1907)
Shaun Cameron Crosby (b. 1964)
Kerri Anne Hosking (nee Crosby) (b. 1965) Jock Henry Keenan (b. 1916)
Leigh Anthony Crosby (b.1969) Dorothy Mary Lovering (nee Keenan) (b.1910)
Kelli Crosby (nee Pomeranz)
Scott Gerard Crosby (b. 1973) Beryl Jane Presland (nee Keenan) (b.1914)
Samantha Crosby
Justin Paul Keenan (b. 1973)
Jacline Michele Smith (nee Keenan) (b. 1974) Anita Arnold (nee Lovering)
Kyle Matthew Keenan (b. 1976)
Rebecca Keenan (nee Britton) Shirley Dwight (nee Keenan)
Heath Aaron Keenan (b. 1978) Judith Edrupt (nee Dwight)
Amy Keenan Gregory Dwight
Luke Anthony Keenan (b. 1980) Christine Dwight
Tania Keenan Anne Dwight
Rodney Andrew Keenan (b.1981) Anne Keenan (nee Brady) (b. 1869)
Sarah Keenan (b.1984) Kevin Frederick Keenan
Ruth Keenan (b. & d.1984 ) Ann Keenan
Martin James Wilfred Keenan (b.1985) Thelma Keenan (nee Nimmo)
Belinda Margaret Keenan (b.1988) Cyril Keenan

Jack Duncan Hosking (b. 1994)

Tim Hosking (b. 1996)

Georgia Hosking (b.1997)

Rose McKenzie Hosking (b. 2001)

Charlotte Ann Hosking (b.2001)

Margrit Traute Keenan

Martin Keenan (dec'd)

Aimee Keenan

Justin Keenan

Kat Keenan

Marjory Pearce (nee Keenan) Ella Georgia Smith (b.2006)
Lew Pearce Katie Jane Keenan (b. 2005)
Scott Pearce    Ari James Keenan (b. 2010)


Ethan Jack Keenan (b.2001) Jacob Alexander Keenan (b. 2008)
Kye Keenan (b.2004) Elizabeth Jane Keenan (b 1867)
Charlie Ann Keenan (b.2008) Emma Keenan
Miles Zachary Keenan (b.2008) Grace Keenan (b. 1906)
Molly Crosby (b.2005)
Airley June Crosby (b.2008)
George Aaron Robert Keenan Eric Harold Catherall (b. 1895)
Henry Keenan Sydney Stuart Catherall (b.1902)
Stuart Keenan Isabella Keenan (b.1883)
Roy Keenan Annie Keenan (b. 1869)
Roy Francis Gamble Keenan (b. 1901)
Pansy Bremner Keenan (nee Pritchard) (b. 1901) Aaron Keenan (b. 1865)
Maurice Keenan
Allan Ray Keenan Elizabeth Jane Keenan (nee Morton) (b. 1866)
Hilda Hazel Mary Keenan Ivy Keenan
Neil Sidney Keenan (born c.1904)
Edith Keenan (nee Denson) John Robert Keenan (b. 1898)

Kevin Keenan

Reg Keenan

Cliff Keenan

Des Keenan

Bevan Keenan

Neville Keenan

Joyce Keenan (Nee Annetes)

Ken Keenan (b. 1946)

Chris Keenan (b. 1948)

Bruce Keenan (b. 1956)

Dawn Keenan (b.1944)

Rachelle K Nofz (nee Keenan) Thelma Emily Keenan (b. 1910)
Mathew Keenan Leslie Robert  Keenan (b. 1931)
Brian Edward Keenan (b.1958) Kenneth John Keenan (b. 1932)
Cindy Maree Keenan (nee Ryan) Colin Maxwell Keenan (b. 1934)
Jacqueline Grace Keenan (b. 1996)
Dean Aaron Keenan (b. 1993) Donald Joseph Keenan (b. 1936)
Donald George Keenan (b. 1924) John Keenan (b.1938)
Margaret Joan Webb (nee Keenan) (b.1947) Joy Keenan (b. 1941)
Louise Webb Robert  Keenan (b.1943)
James Webb Thelma Anne Keenan (b. 1945)
Jason Webb John Robert Keenan (b. 1967)
Elisa Webb Jason Matthew Keenan (b. 1971)
Megan Webb Aaron James Keenan (b. 1972)
Kristen Webb Kenneth Maxwell Keenan (b. 1976)
Kathryn Nora Smith (nee Keenan) (b. 1949) Stuart Raymond Keenan (b.1981)
Melinda Smith
Karen Smith Daphe Keenan
Natalie Smith Laurie Keenan
James George Robert Keenan (b. 1954) Barry Keenan
Joanie Keenan (nee Brodie) Laurence Keenan
Samantha Keenan Phillip Keenan
Jamie Keenan Janice Keenan
Suzanne Keenan Royce Aaron Keenan (b.1937)

John Langford

Kenneth Langford

Colin Langford

Jennifer Langford

Carol Langford

David Langford

Jessie Lillian Keenan (nee Anderson)

Others on Commonwealth Electoral Roll circa 1936:

Alma Catherine Keenan

Annie Beatrice Keenan

Catherine Keenan

Elizabeth Jane Keenan

Henry John Keenan

Honorah Keenan

Pansy Margaret Keenan

Myrtle Evelyn Keenan

John Patrick Keenan

Irah Francis Keenan

Charles Harold Keenan

  • Royce Murdoch Keenan (b.1958)

  • Mark Laurie Keenan (b. 1959)

  • Eric James Keenan (b. 1961)

  • Lynn Sharon Keenan (b.1966)