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KEENAN FAMILY in Australia

Anita Beryl Arnold (nee Lovering) (1935 -                )

Last updated 30/8/2016


Australian Generation: Third

Born:  11 February 1935
Parents:  Horace Joseph Lovering and Dorothy Mary Keenan
Married: Ronald G. W. Arnold on 4 April 1953
Occupation:  Home duties
Residence: Engadine, NSW



Steven Arthur Arnold (11/11/1955 - 7/3/2002)  [Never married]

Linda Dorothy Murray (nee Arnold) (b.1959)

Sallyanne Bromley (nee Arnold) (b. 1962)

 Allyson Marie Arnold (b.1962) [Adopted]  [Not married]

Alice Beth Arnold (b. 1979)  [Adopted]  [Not married]


Note:  Anita received the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in June 1992 for Services to Intellectually Disabled Children.


Over many years - and many, many hours - Anita has painstakingly collected and catalogued information about the Keenan family.  Fortunately someone put me in touch with her several years ago. We have corresponded on many occasions since and met three times.  She has willingly and generously supplied me with handwritten family trees, copies of birth, death and marriage certificates, copies of photographs, and other information, without which I could not have started on this adventure or assembled much of the information recorded on this site. In 2008 she helped Brian Keenan identify persons appearing in his photo collection. Until 2013, when failing eyesight got too much for her, Anita was also the driving force behind the annual Keenan Family Reunions which take place in Sydney in October.  She also played a large part in convincing authorities in Engadine that a park in the area should be named in honour of her grandfather, John Keenan (b.1873). (For a map showing the location of this park CLICK THIS LINK to John Keenan's page.)

Anyone wishing to contact Anita, should email Peter Keenan at keenan.pj@gmail.com